Born and raised in Toronto to a mixed-up Trinidadian family, Gillian was a 2014 resident of the Canadian Film Centre's Primetime program. Under that year's showrunner Brad Wright (Stargate) Gillian developed Travelers (Netflix) and wrote Episode 2: ‘Protocol 6.' Gillian has also written for Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum for PBS, Endlings for Hulu and Lockdown for YouTube. She worked in the 5 writer’s rooms of X Company and Cavendish, as well as several development rooms for shows that never happened. She co-directed the webseries Night Owl (SXSW 2018) and the BravoFact Checking Out, she co-produced Super Zee (WIFF 2019, Outlanta/OutFest 2020) with an all P.O.C. crew. In 2018, Gillian was selected for Muslim Public Affairs Council: Hollywood Bureau's Drama TV Writer’s Lab sponsored by the Emmy nominated Wise Entertainment. She was named December 2018's Writer’s Guild of Canada Diverse Script of the Month for her police procedural The Blue Division and was selected by Ben Watkins (Burn Notice, Hand of God) as one of his Toronto Screenwriting Conference's Breakthrough Artists for 2019. Her pilot script for The Player’s Son is currently in the Top 100 on The Launch Pad. Her feature The Favorite Wife made the second round competition at the Austin Film Festival. Her pilot Spinsters! is on the We For She 2020 list of best unproduced female centred screenplays. Gillian also serves as a Senior Boardmember of the BIPOC TV & Film Visioning Committee and the Black Women Film! Advisory Board. She currently writes for The Surrealtor for SyFy.

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