Roger Boyer is an Indigenous filmmaker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Cinematographer. He has written, produced, and directed various short films, documentaries, and an independent feature film horror, which played for an extended 3 week run at the Landmark Towne 8 theatre in Winnipeg. Roger is a founder of the Winnipeg Indigenous Filmmaker Collective. This is a monthly meeting at the Winnipeg Film Group where local indigenous filmmakers network and help produce each other's work. The Collective has been featured on in an article titled “Is Winnipeg at the Forefront of Canada’s Aboriginal Film Scene?” Roger is also a founder of the Indigenous Filmmakers Association (IFA). The IFA is a non-profit group of local indigenous filmmakers and producers. The goal of the IFA is to help grow the indigenous film community in Winnipeg and Manitoba. In June 2018, Roger and other IFA Members founded Canada’s first Indigenous Film Summit, which was greatly attended by various indigenous filmmakers of all professional levels from Manitoba and across Canada. The Summit featured well-known speakers from the indigenous film community such as Eugene Brave Rock, Jesse Wente, Georgina Lightning, and Tina Keeper. In June 2019, the second Indigenous Film Summit was held with great success. Roger is also a mentor and producer for other local indigenous directors, with one of these directors winning an “Emerging Director” award at a film festival in Los Angeles. Roger is also a Producer of 3 Podcast shows on iTunes: “Soul Unexpected with Adeline Bird”, “EverSick! with Stefan Richard”, and his own “Koj-B Films Podcast”. Currently, Roger is developing a documentary, a new short film titled “The Fire ”, and working towards his next feature: Coffee Express.

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