Friends, Co-conspirators and Organizations

Regent Park Film Festival 


The Regent Park Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing local and international independent works relevant to people from all walks of life, with a focus on inviting those of us from low income and public housing communities. The films we present break stereotypes and show that no one place or person has just one story. In addition to our annual Festival, now in its 16th year, we offer year-round programming at no cost.


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The imagineNATIVE Institute a department within imagineNATIVE that houses year-round professional development programs, events, and talks for Indigenous screen and digital content creators. The Institute presents Industry Days at the annual imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival, with panels, masterclasses and networking and social events. Much of the Institute's year-round programming takes place in The Commons @ 401 Richmond building in downtown Toronto. The Institute strives to provide Indigenous-led professional development opportunities that will address gaps within the industry, some of which will be open to international Indigenous applicants.


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Women In View 

Women in View is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening gender representation and diversity in Canadian media both on screen and behind the scenes. We do this through a range of initiatives that seek to generate awareness, promote talent and spark dialogue across the full spectrum of production, policy and artistic arenas

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Women  On Screen 


Women on Screen is an organization committed to cultivating a more dynamic and inclusive representation of women in film and television. This includes, but is not limited to, encouraging the creation of stories on screen with female-driven content, fostering women's careers in the entertainment industry, and creating connections between similar organizations both locally in Toronto and globally through our online outreach.


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We envision a more inclusive and pluralist Canada where our differences are valued and engaged, and everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive both socially and economically.


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Black Women Film

Black Women Film! Canada is both a leadership program and new collective dedicated to forwarding the careers, networks and skills of  filmmakers and media artists who are Black female identified of the Canadian African diaspora.  Based in Toronto, Black Women Film! provides ongoing networking opportunities for its growing community of emerging and established Black women filmmakers, spotlights Black and diverse women in film and provides an annual leadership program.


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Reel Asian Film Festival 


The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival® is a unique showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora. Works include films and videos by East, South and Southeast Asian artists in Canada, the U.S., Asia and all over the world. As Canada’s largest Asian film festival, Reel Asian® provides a public forum for Asian media artists and their work, and fuels the growing appreciation for Asian cinema in Canada.


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HERe is a Canadian female film crew directory. This initiative strives to connect productions with skilled women in technical support positions. Our goal is to become a user friendly resource in diversifying the film workforce with a growing roster of female technicians. We collect profiles and provide a list of potential candidates in various departments for collaborators to connect with across Canada. Our members have a wide range of skills and experience levels.


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The Geena Davis Institute


Founded by Academy-Award® winning actor and advocate Geena Davis in 2004, The Institute is the first and only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence content creators, marketers and audiences about the importance of eliminating unconscious bias, highlighting gender balance, challenging stereotypes, creating role models and scripting a wide variety of strong female characters in entertainment and media that targets and influences children ages 11 and under. The Institute is also the only organization employing the GD-IQ tool to create systemic change in entertainment media content creation.


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Secret Life of Muslims 


Featuring a diverse set of American Muslims from a wide range of ethnic and national origins speaking directly to their own respective experiences, the series illuminates the existing complexity and diversity of America’s 3.3 million Muslims, while pointing to a common shared humanity. The first season has been viewed more than 35 million times in our effort to contribute to a dialogue of tolerance and peace in contentious times.


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Brown Girl Magazine 


Founded as an online publication in 2008 in Houston, Texas, Brown Girl Magazine is now a multimedia company with a global reach. It was created by and for South Asian women who believe in the power of storytelling as a vehicle for community building and empowerment. Our mission is to empower and engage those who identify as South Asian women living in the diaspora with a hyphenated identity.


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