Coming together for the first time, we’re a group of Asians creatives in the Canadian Media industry fundraising to provide additional resources to BLACK MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS (BMHM) - Toronto. With acts of community care, more mental health support needs to exist that is culturally specific. As an Asian coalition, we are supporters of community care. We see that a healthy mentality is important to uphold the dismantling of systemic racism. We are asking members of the Asian Community to give resources to Black therapists through the purchasing of t-shirts.


Established in 2020 by physiotherapists Yemi Faderin and Susan Bascillo, BLACK MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS (BMHM) is the first of its kind in the GTA that caters to clients who typically can’t afford mental health services, and provides low cost treatment options, when needed, with a therapist who is culturally understanding. 

BMHM equips clients, organizations, and broader communities with the tools to identify the consequences of systemic racism and promote safer and more compassionate spaces. Through workshops, it addresses a range of social barriers which may lead to poorer mental health outcomes and it is campaigning to end the stigma surrounding mental health in Black communities.  

BMHM was born out of community recognition that every Black person deserves to feel comfortable, seen and heard - especially those who suffer silently without access to the right kind of help. It exists because of passionate donors whose commitment ensures Black therapists are fairly compensated for their work, and that income is not a barrier for anyone who needs treatment. To donate, register for a workshop, or learn more check out their Instagram page @blkmhmatters or their website at:

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We welcome anyone to wear our Asian language shirts.
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Artwork by Cav Yip, this shirt design features Black Lives Matters in yellow text and languages from Asian communities behind it: Bengali, Bahasa, Tibetan, Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhala, Hindi, Vietnamese, Mauritian, Filipino, Urdu, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

T-shirt production by Tyrone Brookes, the shirts come screen printed from UPSO studios of Uplifted Society. A Black-owned business, Uplifted Society is a clothing brand that grew into much more. Completely Canadian manufactured, their products have supported campaigns for community programming and charitable donations. See their instagram here:

This fundraiser is organised by Bertha Lee and Christopher Yip, with advice and support from Jennifer Shin, Warren P. Sonoda and Nathalie Younglai.

T-shirt production fees covered by BIPOC TV & Film, 100% of your donation ($30, $40, $50) will go to Black Mental Health Matters. 


Shipping costs are an additional $10-$20 per order depending on where it is being shipped in Canada. International shipping is not available.  


We will be collecting orders starting November 26 and ending December 31, 2020. 

Your t-shirt order will be shipped out approximately by the end of January/early February 2021, depending on shipping location.

Contact Christopher Yip ( for any other questions or concerns.

We recognize, as members of the BIPOC community, that neurodivergence, mental health and mental health treatment are important; Black lived experiences make Black therapists qualified to support Black folks. To support this act of community care we want to give BMHM monetary donations that help to facilitate low-cost therapy, making sure Black therapists are paid for their labour.